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Our company was established in the network and server business and unlike many of our competitors who came from the Alarm and Lock World, we have an extensive knowledge of the network business. We possess the expertise required to successfully design security systems which will impact and reside on a network.
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Phone Number (317) 580-9460
City Carmel, IN
Zip Code 46032
Address 231 1st Avenue Southwest
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One of the most important ways to secure your facility is to prevent unwanted visitors from gaining access. How can you do this? By using an access control system to lock and unlock your doors. Many facilities still use the old lock and key to control access. This is an expensive way to maintain the integrity of your building. If one key is lost or misplaced, then the integrity of the entire building is compromised.
The future is here. IP video is radically changing perceptions and capabilities of video surveillance. IP Cameras provide the ability to dramatically increase resolution. The highest resolution IP cameras have more than 13 times the resolution of the best analog cameras. What does this mean? This means that you can look at substantially larger areas and still get the detail you need. More clarity and detail is never a bad thing.
Let us help you harness the power of the latest technologies to protect, monitor and manage both your people and assets. The unyielding march of technology coupled with exhilarating leaps in all aspects of video surveillance have combined to make the impossible possible. We now routinely provide solutions that were all but impossible two years ago regardless of budget. These incredible leaps in technology can be united to form powerful yet user friendly system.
One of the simplest and most cost effective ways to secure your facility is with a properly designed alarm system. Most people know alarm systems to be simple and unexciting. They get the job done effectively and without much flare.
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