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The company had its origins in a small family business employing the father, his 2 sons and a professional employee. By working assiduously and efficiently, never forgetting to service their customers' interests, the business has become the leading locksmith in the entire Detroit metropolitan area.

Our rise to success is the result of the trust our satisfied customers have placed in us for solving all their key, locksmith and security problems. Our 24-hour, 7 days a week service guarantees an immediate response to all calls. Contact us with all your security queries or requirements and join our hundreds of satisfied customers.

We insist on using products from proven manufacturers so that we are certain of a sound backing to the guarantees we offer out customers. This is the reason for our so many long-term client relationships. Customer involvement in selecting the products most likely to satisfy their needs at prices they can afford has become our fixed policy and results in satisfied long-term customers. Letting us take care of your security problems, gives you the extra time needed to get on with your business.
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Closed circuit television surveillance is an increasing feature of our daily lives. Its deployment is commonplace in a variety of areas to which members of the public have free access. We are all likely to be caught on camera whilst going about everyday lives and the images relayed back to a control room. The average person on the street is happy knowing that their safety and well being are covered by the cameras on the street corner, shopping center or car park.
Most homeowners only think about installing a home security system after they themselves or a neighbor has been a victim of a burglary. Installing a home security system is one of the most effective deterrents available. Many burglars are opportunity offenders, which means they are not going to go out of their way if you have taken steps to make breaking into your home difficult for them.
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