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For the past 30 years, Eagle Protection has been putting homes and families under our wing, one special relationship at a time. Sure, we're technicians, with a real expertise in our field, but we're also family people ourselves. We know that in today's busy, uncertain world, peace of mind is paramount. Nothing will deliver that like securing the perimeter and interior of your home with a suite of Eagle Protection tools: all points defended, all contingencies thought of, and all our operators and service staff available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And talk about value: our system could land you up to 20% off your home insurance!

Nothing is so frightening and as unpredictable as a fire. It strikes like lightning. Within seconds, life changes. Eagle Protection knows the value of decisive response to such a calamity: lives hang in the balance. We take unique steps to make action as easy as possible and confusion-free: for example, our Burglar and Fire Alarms are programmed to work on the same key pad. Our Central Monitoring Station ensures prompt response by the local fire department. And the value is unbeatable. Your monitoring price doesn't go up a dollar.

Honesty, quality, technology and responsiveness: It's no accident that Eagle Protection has established an unmatched legacy of trust in our community. We have secured buildings large and small for over three decades, representing all facets of government. This division of our company is perhaps our most specialized and, in some ways, most accomplished: with the myr-iad bureaucracies, regulations, and abrupt shifts in focus and direction, security becomes a mat-ter of, well, security - national, state, and local. There is no room for breaches and Eagle re-spects that, with every property that we protect.
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  • Business Security
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  • Home Security
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Phone Number (310) 320-9100
City Torrance, CA
Zip Code 90504
Address 2700 W 182nd St # 201
Products and Services
Keys are not just old-fashioned; they're also a security risk. Eagle Protection strongly recommends that you make the switch to an iFOB or iCARD system. That way, you'll have a single, easy-to-track mode of entry, no matter how many doors you need to pass through, and you'll always know who's gained access onto the premises.
The requirements of today's business landscape demand great flexibility and foresight from your Security company, and Eagle delivers. Our experts consult with you and create a custom installation that provides maximum protection, not to mention peace of mind. All points of access (including "interior" zones) are covered-including high traffic zones as well as areas of vulnerability you may not have even thought of. During our decades of service, we have always dedicated ourselves to finding and deploying the finest, state-of-the-art equipment, built to pass and surpass the most stringent tests. And we do it with your convenience and cost in mind.
We all wish we had an extra set of eyes in the back of our head. Now, with Eagle's CCTV capabilities, you can see what's going on around corners, through walls, and even miles away! You can monitor your home day or night from any computer in the world. Know what to expect at home: imagine if a stranger appears at your door. If you're at the office or outside the house for another reason, it's a comforting way to keep tabs on your children or loved ones. This is a great option if you travel a lot or have a second home. Property managers swear by Eagle, too.
You get a good night's sleep... because we don't: Our all-local operators are up, bright-eyed and alert, poised to respond to any contingency in your life. Not only are our operators highly trained and motivated to be helpful: they also know how to talk you (or any member of your family!) through the most taxing emergency. They will guide you to safety until the appropriate authorities arrive.
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