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We are very proud of our "customer first" design philosophy. This philosophy means that we take the time to talk to our clients, understand their issues and concerns, and design a complete solution to address their needs. It is our job to instill confidence in our clients through our experience and qualifications.

Return on investment (ROI) and the prevention of losses in operational time and assets, are the true measure of value for any system, which is an earmark for Huntington Security designs. Meeting all California building codes, NFPA, and any other regulatory requirements are always included in our design considerations.

The combination of our design philosophy for putting the client's needs first and meeting all regulatory codes in the most efficient, cost effective manner is the result of our extensive experience and desire to create long-term relationships with our customers as they succeed.
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Contact Information
Phone Number (800) 559-1929
City Orange, CA
Zip Code 92782
Address 1070-F North Batavia, #533
Products and Services
As a C-10 licensed and UL Certified installation company, Huntington Security Systems meets the highest standards in the fire protection industry. As a high voltage contractor and experience alarm company, we eliminate the need for multiple vendors to design, install, inspect, monitor, and maintain these very critical systems which are required at most business sites throughout California.
With reliability and false alarm resistance, we have successfully secured indoor and outdoor commercial industrial and retail sites at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. With integrity in mind, we work hard with our clients to create solutions to their security challenges without creating headaches for their operations.s.
Since our inception, CCTV and Digital Video surveillance installation and service has been a mainstay for our company. We have installed cameras of all types into every form of commercial, industrial, and retail location since 1993.
We have a specialized group of technicians who know how to put the sting on the bad guys. In so many operations these days, long term or well trusted employees turn out to be the biggest thieves of all. These individuals already know where the normal video surveillance is located. Therefore, they take advantage of your trust in them and their knowledge of the security systems in place. For almost any operator, nothing could be more angering!
Whether considering digital video security, an alarm system or automatic fire sprinklers, installation is most successful when properly designed systems are properly prepared through our project management process. First class installation also requires a first-class team of technicians to perform their work at the highest levels in our industry.
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