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Innuvo provides full service solutions to businesses and homeowners looking to improve their space with audio-visual, security, and networking improvements. Our services make your dreams come true, whether you are looking for video conferencing solutions, the best home theater in your neighborhood, or to protect your property with our intuitive CCTV technology. At Innuvo, we can help you find the entertainment, security, and collaboration technology you want and need.
  • Access Control
  • Burglar Alarms
  • Design
  • Video Surveillance
Contact Information
Phone Number (800) 989-6064
City Fort Lauderdale, FL
Zip Code 33331
Address 3300 Corporate Ave #116
Products and Services
Video security IS the most effective solution to both protect and monitor your business at all times. The experts at Innuvo have been designing, installing and servicing video security systems for decades, protecting thousands of people and their property from potential threats. Our consultants will use the latest in High-Definition IP technology to provide you with superior image quality. Gone are the days of blurry, unrecognizable footage. Innuvo leads the way in megapixel video with cutting edge innovations, superior performance, and the broadest selection of professional-grade megapixel IP cameras.
Our VMS (Video Management Software) gives end users an easy-to-use, yet feature rich system to manage live and recorded video for a variety of needs. The intuitive VMS software line includes software designed for stand-alone systems all the way to complete enterprise systems.
Access control systems can be implemented in small or large facilities for maximum security. Access Control systems eliminate the need for physical keys and expensive locksmith services. Robust and easy-to-use software provides complete control and tracking of employees, visitors and contractors within your facility or campus. Users can be added or deleted from your system with just a few simple keystrokes, making HR processes simpler. In addition, take advantage of the access control readers to track time and attendance of your staff.
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