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Rated Excellent from 2 reviews
From simple outdoor surveillance needs to the most demanding hostile environments, our commitment to integrity and quality translates into unparalleled services and tremendous customer satisfaction. Surveillance systems and services are not created equal. Our advanced systems are deployed and monitored by highly trained professionals. We ensure that each site is properly assessed, installed and guarded by the most appropriate surveillance technologies resulting in maximum performance and effectiveness.

While no security measure can claim 100% effectiveness all the time, some are more effective than others, particularly under certain circumstances. For example, security guards and patrols can be effective for indoor security as the movement of a guard is not as easily detected and access control can be implemented to limit points of entry. However, in an outdoor environment, effectiveness of guard services can easily be foiled.
  • Access Control
  • Video Surveillance
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Phone Number (916) 285-0396
City Sacramento, CA
Zip Code 95834
Address 1418 N Market Blvd # 100
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The most effective electronic surveillance to date is video monitoring. Compared to guard services, the key benefits of video surveillance are dependability and lower costs. When deployed appropriately, it is far more effective than guards. Electronic equipment does not sleep or take short cuts. Within the cameras' field of view, activities can be recorded and monitored 24 hours a day.
The Mobile Guard is designed for maximum visibility and deterrence. In the unlikely event that its intimidating presence is ignored, it is also equipped with audio systems to allow our monitoring center to issue verbal warnings through a high powered PA system. In addition, flashing red lights and a deafening siren can be activated immediately to drive away the suspects and draw attention to the subject site. Pre-established emergency protocol can be executed such as notifying police and client personnel.
The Satellite Guard offers a cost effective way to provide greater site coverage; they are connected by wire or wirelessly to a Mobile Guard or Mounted Guard unit. A typical Satellite Guard includes a flashing beacon and remotely activated warning light; many special configurations are available. They can also be mounted anywhere on a building or other structures including poles, either existing or supplied by our company.
Rated Excellent (5 of 5) from 2 reviews
  Testimonial by Gregory A. Lutes
When I learned about Jatagan Security's Mobile Guard, I knew that I wanted one on my job. We are building a project for Regional Transit. On my last project, we had theft and vandalism losses that cost us over $200K and weeks of production. Jatagan's service is much more economical than live security guards and since bringing a Mobile Guard unit on my site, I have had no losses.
  Testimonial by Victor Perry
We are very happy with Jatagan's excellent service. They watch our site very closely. One guy tried to steal plumbing fittings from our site and ignored the warning siren, Jatagan called the police. The suspect was arrested, caught "red-handed" by Lincoln Police, and the materials he stole from the other job sites were also recovered. Very effective security service!
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