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Rated Excellent from 3 reviews
As a family-owned, local business, Kamco Services is dedicated to serving the needs of customers in Williamsburg and the surrounding areas. With over 30+ years experience, Kamco knows the security industry and in turn can provide consumers with the best protection available.

Kamco is committed to the community and welcomes the opportunity to give back to those who aid in their success. The professional staff trains continuously in the newest technologies and takes great pride in providing security and networking solutions for residents and business owners in the Williamsburg area. We guarantee quality equipment installed by a professional and dependable group of technicians. We have earned our great reputation through decades of excellent service, when shopping around for YOUR security provider, use our cheat sheet!
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  • Business Security
  • Fire Alarms
  • Home Security
  • Video Surveillance
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Phone Number (757) 220-4300
City Williamsburg, VA
Zip Code 23185
Address 7138 Duffie Dr
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  • Better Business Bureau
Better Business Bureau
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To provide the best protection for you and your family, it is wise to invest in a security system that provides unparalleled protection. You can tailor your alarm system to fit your own special needs and give you peace of mind while at or away from home. When connected to a central station, your home will be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Whether located in your home or business, surveillance cameras deliver elevated levels of security monitoring to let you rest easy. We are licensed by the Department of Criminal Justice and comes with decades of experience in the industry. Let our skilled technicians provide you with an engineered and professionally installed surveillance system to meet your needs.
For over 30 years we've provided small and large local businesses with security alarm systems. We offer a wide variety of solutions tailored to your size, location and specific safety needs. We service both new construction as well as existing homes, by utilizing retrofitting solutions. From the most technologically advanced and complex systems - to a minimalist approach - we'll create a solution that's right for you.
Reviews and Testimonials
Rated Excellent (5 of 5) from 3 reviews
  Testimonial by Tom
I have known the Kammer family for years and have enjoyed working with the staff at Kamco Services as well. I have their security system in my home as well as in my business. When I need a service call on my alarm, they are prompt and always deliver a great customer service experience. My wife and I recommend this company to anyone looking for a dependable, local security company.
  We would highly recommend KAMCO to anyone interested in a security system
by James City County Homeowner
Mar 24, 2016
KAMCO installed a security system and surveillance cameras in our home outside Williamsburg in 2013. Their installers were considerate and efficient and all of our contacts with the manager there (Dustin) and the monitoring service have been very positive since then.

The system proved its value and effectiveness in the Fall of 2015 when a burglar broke into our home, stole our property, and vandalized it. We were out of the home when this occirred and were notified by the monitoring service and returned home to meet the police who were just arriving. Thanks to the KAMCO installed exterior cameras the whole robbery was captured on video and was used to get a confession from the burglar, who was captured a short distance away with the stolen goods in his SUV.

I highly recommend KAMCO to anyone considering a home security system and suggest exterior surveillance cameras for anyone installing a security system.
I recommend this business
Efficient, inexpensive, provides great peace of mind.
  The only place to go for security in Hampton Roads
by Delilah from Hampton Roads, VA
Feb 20, 2014
I started down the chaotic road of getting my home and family protected with an alarm system last month. My wife and I purchased a new home and all of a sudden we were swarmed with dozens of people claiming to be the "neighborhood alarm company". We knew we wanted an Alarm System because our Insurance Agent suggested we get one and we had a break in several years ago, plus monitoring for fire is a big plus.

However, we had no idea that so many different companies had such pushy sales people. Every Alarm Sales Person said, "our company is the only company to do this and to do that". Funny thing, most of them had no idea where the monitoring was done and most of them subcontracted out the install, the monitoring, the service or all of the above.

Our new home had an existing alarm system so we couldn't figure out why none of the companies wouldn't just use what we already had. "That system is outdated and our new greater, better, bigger, faster, etc etc system .... just sign our contract". Every alarm company wanted us to sign a long term contract. Every alarm company wanted birth dates and/or Social Security #s. We didn't feel comfortable getting a loan to get an alarm or doing some confusing contract that was going to be sold to another company.

We did our research and we found out we wanted someone local. Some companies sent Reps to our home that didn't have the required state licensing or ID card. Some companies set out a Rep that knew nothing about the company or had experience with the service. The goal was to just get us to provide all of our personal information and sign a long term contract that debits our bank account every month. We didn't have an option on the length of the contract or how we could pay for the service. ADT tried to sell the contract to us over the phone and all they needed to do to get started was get our credit checked. We even read some of the contracts that were not only for 3, 4 and 5 years but they would roll into another contract.

Then came the cable company. The company that can't get our phones to work properly or get our cable to work in HD,
they wanted us to sign a contract and let them monitor our home? It all got completely out of control really fast. My husband and I just shook our heads at how several of these door knocking sales people just expected us to get our check books and sign up.

We read an article online that said to find a company that would do a free consultation. Make sure that company doesn't subcontract out the install, the monitoring or the service. Make sure they don't sell the contract. Even more interesting, ask the person that comes out how long they have been with the company, ask to see their state issued ID card and ask their thoughts on the company. If the person seems knowledgeable ask them if they have the system at their home. If the service is good, the consultant will know because they will be using the same service at their home for their family.

So we did exactly that. We set out to find a local company and we found several. However, many of the "LOCAL" companies didn't do everything themselves like they lead people to believe. We eventually had a real estate agent friend tell us about KAMCO services and a security consultant that they knew from networking.

So we contacted KAMCO and we started asking questions like we had and they had great answers. Local, family owned, family operated and in business since the 70s. They install, monitor, service and they have a local monitoring facility. KAMCO was even able to use our existing system to help us save money.

We couldn't be happier. If we have an issue, we call their local phone number and speak to someone anytime of the day. They were very easy to talk to and understand. They told us their goal was to get us a good price on monitoring and get our home protected. They were able to inspect our system and then use it instead of replacing it.

Very down to earth and very good people. If our real estate agent had not referred us to KAMCO we would have been stuck in a long term contract with a full credit check and have no idea where our monitoring is done. Our home in Nags Head is exactly that way.

We have no clue how to contact the monitoring company but every month money comes out of our account. With KAMCO they gave us the option to be billed or pay monthly, or annually or however we wanted. Great company. Great Service. Great People. Plus they are Local! We couldn't be happier.
I recommend this business
Local, Family Owned and Operated with No Subcontracting
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