Moore Security Solutions Tucson, AZ

We are a local company that has been in Tucson since 1999, and provides a wide range of security equipment. We provide both residential and commercial clients with everything they need to ensure the utmost security of their physical property and personal safety. We provide free consultations and individual quotes for our residential and commercial customers.
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Contact Information
Phone Number (520) 881-2885
City Tucson, AZ
Zip Code 85719
Address 245 S. Plumer #7
Products and Services
Access Control gives a business or a residence the capability of knowing who is entering your facility, when they enter and leave, and even control where they can and cannot go. The software that is a critical component of the system has become both sophisticated and easy to use. In addition, it can usually be administered off site if the need arises. The systems today can range from a simple single door installation that can control who comes into the building with a keypad reader, to multiple door configurations with biometric or proximity readers.
Commercial and residential video is one of our specialties. The world of video is expanding at an incredible rate, and Moore Security Solutions has positioned itself to be a leader in the field with leading technology and information. Our clients today have the ability to stream video directly to their iPhone or Blackberry. A business owner can observe their company and its operation over the Internet at any time from anywhere in the world with our remote view feature. The benefits of this technology are limited only to the imagination of the user.
Customers today want and need easy access to multiple solutions to solve their risk management, asset protection, and security and intrusion needs. We have the reputation of being the problem solver since 2000. With almost unlimited access to any product in the marketplace, you can trust our company to help design and implement a professional and cost effective solution to your security and intrusion needs.
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