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Precision West Technologies
We are a group of highly trained professionals committed to providing quality products and services. We are fair and principled in our daily routines, while being innovative in our solutions. Since inception, Precision West Technologies has fostered an excellent reputation in the marketplace and built a solid customer base with renowned private and publicly traded companies as well as state and government agencies throughout California.

Precision West Technologies has been recognized as 19th ranked company on Sacramento's Fastest Growing Company List and continues to be a leader in the business technology industry. Our expertise in structured cabling, video surveillance, access control, sound masking, information technology, audio/visual and other business technologies allows full integration for businesses looking to enhance the security and maximize the efficiency of their internal and external business assets.

Precision West Technologies works with companies to deliver profitable business results by understanding needs and goals from the initial contact stage until implementation. Our goal is to become an extension of your company for all technology needs and serve as a resource for businesses. We are diligent and work ethically to produced quality work that is dependable and consistent. Precision West Technologies will provide superior solutions and unmatched customer support to help your business reach defined objectives now and in the future.
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  • Video Surveillance
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San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, Roseville, Bay Area, Folsom
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  • Licensed and insured
  • Serving commercial and industrial clients
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Phone Number (916) 660-9828
Tollfree Number (866) 341-2210
City Roseville, CA
Zip Code 95678
Address 2017 Opportunity Drive Ste 4
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Products and Services
The need to protect people, infrastructure and assets has grown and the market for products to assist us has grown too. Not long ago security cameras were referred to as CCTV and utilized analog technology to capture images which were recorded on a standalone VHS recorder for review and archiving.

Today, we have more sophisticated options in the form of IP and megapixel cameras that offer enhanced image quality and deliver exceptional results even under difficult lighting conditions.

Precision West Technologies offers solutions that provide high definition and 4K Ultra HD resolution which allows for the clarity needed to have accurate detail and prosecutable evidence, as needed, to protect businesses. The supporting built-in analytics allow your system to be "proactive" and alert you to situations that active monitoring may miss.

Maintaining older or ineffective systems can be costly to your business. Whether a business is upgrading their current system or in need of a new surveillance solution, Precision West Technologies offers a complete needs assessment to determine visibility, clarity, and resolution needed as well as what other technologies are in place for integration. Our team of engineers can provide quality security camera installations and wireless solutions to support your surveillance needs.
It is important for businesses to manage who enters and leaves the building. Keys and locks have traditionally been the choice to secure buildings, but it can be expensive for a business to replace these keys and locks if they are lost, stolen or copied. The assets in a company's building need to be appropriately protected as well as staff members and their belongings.

To control and track who enters the building, Precision West Technologies works with businesses of any size to create an access control solution to protect business assets. With an access control system, locks never need to be changed and control of the doors can be changed remotely.

Our access control solutions provide the privacy and site security needed to protect businesses at all time. Doors are always locked and can only be entered by those who are qualified.

Precision West Technologies offers the flexibility to give access of individual doors to different users, which gives an organization control of critical business assets.
Businesses need to protect the information transmitted during conversations in the office. Private discussions in the conference rooms or offices can contain sensitive information that can be overheard by employees, customers and visitors.

A loud office environment also reduces productivity among employees as they can become distracted easily by others' conversations. Many companies look for acoustic solutions to protect conversations and maintain a productive office environment.

Precision West Technologies offers Sound Masking solutions to create a more private and comfortable working environment. Sound masking provides an unobtrusive background noise that masks and reduces the intelligibility of conversations. The sound is provided by emitters that are usually installed above or embedded in the ceiling.

Coverage areas can be customized, zoned, and controlled through a sound management system. Precision West Technologies provide consultation to understand the business needs and will work with any size company to reduce distractions, create an acoustic environment, protect sensitive conversations and improve productivity.
Rated Excellent (5 of 5) from 5 reviews
  Testimonial by Christina B.
Excellent customer service. Listened to the needs of our office and followed through with their actions. Jason was very helpful and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this company.
  Testimonial by Travis M.
I chose to use Precision West for installation of my home security cameras and I would encourage you to do the same, they were very helpful scheduling over the phone and when Matt came out he was knowledgeable and professional. The install went smooth just as he promised and I couldn't be any happier with the final product. Thanks again Precision West and Matt Carter.
  Testimonial by Traci T.
I would highly recommend Precision West for any of your IT/Security needs. Jason was so helpful and knowledgable. He was patient and kind in meeting the needs of our company. This level of support is hard to find these days. Thank you Precision West!
  Testimonial by Steve S.
Matt helped me get my cameras situated. Great service! He taught me a few things about how they all work. Thanks again for the pointers!
  Testimonial by Cody C.
I have been working with Precision west for the last three months and I can honestly say that they have been a pleasure to work with. Everyone in there office is incredibly nice, there techs are very knowledgeable, and always get the job done in a timely manner. I would highly recommend working with them for any of your IT needs.
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