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Turnkey Integrators brings together a team with 24+ years experience in the security services and low voltage systems industry. Our team has worked on installations, service/maintenance, custom hardware and software development, and design of many different types of systems. We take pride in completing a job on time, in a professional manner, and exceeding your expectations. We would love to assist with your specific needs for your home or business.
  • Access Control
  • Business Security
  • Design
  • Home Security
  • Installation
  • Intercoms
  • Video Surveillance
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Phone Number (817) 899-5236
City Mansfield, TX
Zip Code 76063
Address PO Box 1712
Products and Services
Uses your internet connection service instead of a phone line. Disadvantages are similar to a standard phone line in that if your internet connection is down or the line has been cut, there will be no notification to the alarm monitoring center. Advantages are that the monitoring center will know immediately when the panel has lost communications as 2-way polling is much easier to accomplish. With a phone line the panel status is only checked once a day because a modem must dial into the panel and verify connection. So, real time monitoring is a big advantage.
Access control as is pertains to buildings and doors is the means of restricting access to certain areas. You may control who comes into a particular area (where) and when they are allowed in. The traditional method of access control is with keys and a key system. With a keyed system, there are no time restrictions, no audit trail, and keys can easily be exchanged or lost. If a master key is lost, it could mean an expensive re-keying of the entire building or multiple buildings. The next step up is a standalone or offline door entry unit.
Our engineers can also assist with system design and specifications. The first choice in a video surveillance is to decide which types of cameras are right for your system. Should the cameras be analog or digital (IP)? The right choice depends on many factors.
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