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Do you need a reliable company in Provo, Utah providing home and business security systems, fire and burglar alarms or access control equipment? Stop searching - we have detailed information and unbiased reviews about local contractors.
Provo, Utah
(801) 615-7350
KXAN Commercial - Home Security Systems by Point Security
We are a local leader in residential security alarm and commercial surveillance systems for Austin, San Antonio, and surrounding areas. We specialize in the installation, servicing and monitoring of customizable security solutions. Give your family or business the peace of mind that comes with every Point Security System. Your protection and complete satisfaction is our highest priority!
(801) 227-7818
Public Safety24 Hour Protection
Our company was established in 1991, and has been actively involved in the security industry, specializing in providing CCTV products. We offer a wide variety of solutions for security professionals, dealers, integrators, and distributors worldwide with our cutting-edge line-up of CCTV products. Our products include stand-alone digital video recorders, LCD and CRT security monitors and more.
(800) 817-3918
LINXR-ENVista 15-P
We provide the latest product technology to protect your home or business with 24/7 service and multiple redundant monitoring centers across the country to ensure swift response times. Burglary alarm, fire protection, and medical emergency services enable us to meet a variety of customer needs for home and business. From the latest equipment technology and trained and licensed technicians, to our superior customer care, we have you covered.
(801) 455-0413
Our company specializes in the installation of CCTV and Security Cameras and video surveillance in the Salt Lake City, UT area. This is what we do and do well. We don't just sell CCTV and security cameras, we sell our knowledge and service!
(801) 282-5500
Video Surveillance
We believe the key to successful systems isn't only advanced technology, its advanced people. That's the difference between Security Plus and other service companies. We have experienced, skilled professionals who will design, install and service the perfect alarm system for your home or business. People
(801) 977-8608
Painter Enterprises, now officially known as AlphaCorp, was incorporated in April of 1983 in the state of Utah. The company was founded by Jim Painter and his sons, all of whom are degreed electrical engineers. AlphaCorp is made up of two distinct business groups: SIRE Technologies, which is a software
(801) 295-1246
Your home and family are the most important things in your life by far. Protecting them should be your number one priority. The key to doing this is to make sure criminals cannot enter your home without being detected. Residential wireless security systems can easily take care of this problem for you
(801) 649-6696
Fire Alarm
We are a privately owned corporation. We design, service, engineer, and install life safety, mass notification, AV, PLC control and security systems. Simply put, we are committed to provide systems that increase productivity, peace of mind, safety, and protection in the workplace. We are uniquely qualified to integrate multiple electronic systems to function as one. This integration capability extends to our working relationship with our clients.
(801) 627-2720
Residential ServicesDenco Cheer v2
Our service and performance can be depended upon to provide the security and peace of mind necessary in today's culture. From a full staff of dispatchers to monitor your systems to our highly trained technicians, and system analysts working hand in hand we can solve any problem that may arise 24 hours
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